Saturday, 23 May 2009

Don't miss..

From the 14th of July-18th of October 2009 at the V&A.

At a time of heightened interest in works of so-called 'design art', made in small editions for the collector's market, Telling Tales will feature work by a generation of internationally regarded designers. The exhibition will focus on work by designers who explore the narrative potential of objects, connecting the past with the present. The exhibition will be structured in three sections - In The Forest Glade - design that evokes the innocence of fairy-stories will be on display, notably the work of Tord Boontje. The Enchanted Castle is inspired by the rise of the novel and prints in the 18th century, and features design that parodies and questions decorative taste, exemplified by the work of Studio Job and Maarten Baas. Heaven and Hell is informed by psycho-analysis and the work reflects anxieties about our mortality. Designers in this section will include Dunne & Raby and Miriam van der Lubbe and Niels van Eijk.

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  1. great piece..i ve seen it recently at v&a museum. you can also see my handmade creations (chic in country most of them) at